About us


PROSTONE, project experts,our projects have won the architectural awards in Netherlands, USA and Japan, we achieved 

* Over 1100 big projects worldwide

* High quality, adopted by European & American award

* Exclusive, One-stop full service

* Rich resource of Six production bases near quarry

* Technical qualified by 30 inspectors with over 30 years stone experience

* Huge capacity with biggest marble & tile factory occupied 2,000,000sf, over 2,500 containers annually


Over the past 30 years, by our understanding of stone and marble, we have provided high-quality stone materials to large projects in Europe, America and Oceania, and supplied interior and exterior decorative products to global chain supermarkets, including tile, slab, cut-to-size, special-shaped, counter-top, water-jet mosaic, etc., and accumulated rich experiences. The control of each processing technology keeps improving, striving to show the most perfect side of stone.


Stone, the gift of nature for hundreds of millions of years, is a masterpiece of the universe...

Every grain is the earth's annual ring, and every speck may be the story of paleontology...


Marble is as soft as jade, and granite is powerful...Collect the spirit of heaven and earth, pick the essence of the sun and the moon,impregnate the magic from the ancient times...Elegance, dignity and peacefulness, healing the hearts of modern people.


Our goal is to provide our customers with stone at high quality and competitive price and the best service they deserve."